We take pride in providing efficient and dedicated support services to our client and believe that by serving our customers we play pivotal role in the productivity and growth of our clients and ourselves. We have a proven track record of serving our clients continuously for past >12 years (Please see testimonials).

RDS and BPM Development
eZeesoft consultants possess rich business development experiences which comprises of business and operational workflow, business process, re-engineering, project management, organizational re-structuring, policy making and planning and forwarding. This enable our consultant team to help our clients in developing a Requirement Definition Study (RDS) before taking decision on ERP and also assist our clients in Business Process Management during the ERP implementation phase.

RDS is crucial for ERP project implementation and facilitates organizations to understand if they are ready for ERP and exactly what kind of ERP business model is required. RDS play pivotal role in successful implementation and optimum utilization of ERP solution.

BPM may be defined as the practice of improving the efficiency, effectiveness and operational agility of an enterprise by automating, optimizing, and managing its Business Processes. BPM enables Business Processes to be designed independently of any single application and then leveraged as shared business logic.

Data Management and Analysis
Businesses these days generate a sea of data. Often this data is scattered, in disparate systems, in different departments, even in different geographical regions. But it is important because this data describes the history and the nature of the business, and holds clues to its strengths and weaknesses, to trends and opportunities. Getting to grips with this sea of data is not easy.
The complexity and volume of data in modern computer systems makes it virtually impossible for anyone without technical skills to get to the information by direct means. Business managers and executives know that the company’s enterprise software system (called an ERP system, which manages finances, manufacturing or distribution) can produce hundreds of reports that show how various aspects of the business are doing. But the key information they really need is scattered throughout these reports, and often requires manual work to combine sections from different reports into a format that is easy to understand and use, such as spreadsheet.

Business people need reliable information so they can make informed, accurate and repeatable business decisions. The set of tools and technologies that enables data from an organisation’s computer systems to be collected and organised into information which can then be analysed, used for decision making and taking appropriate actions, is called Business Intelligence (BI).

Managing the complexity and enormity of data is crucial in large size companies and it demands efficiently and optimally utilization of data for business analysis. eZeesoft consultants have rich experience in data warehousing and business analytics.

ERP Project Implementation & Consultation
ERP implementation is transient task and required a detail and meticulous planning to ensure 100% success. Therefore, project management based implementation plan is mandatory requirement in ERP implementation where gaps and risks are analysis and resources and dependencies are very well determined. Our consultant team has small, medium and large all size of ERP implementation project experienced in the past. It is our policy to ensure 100% success in ERP implementation and we guarantee the same in RDS phase.

eZeesoft’s objective is to deliver a structured, measurable methodology that will result in a thorough implementation and provide value to the customer. This enables our customers to invest in a system that provides a business solution which may be used to manage operations, providing all users with the tools and information they require to do their jobs and make strategic decisions, and which leads to an effective ROI . We guarantee our customers;

  • Cost effective solution
  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Speed of transition
  • Minimum use of resources
  • Limited disruption of business
  • Quick return on investment
  • Outstanding training and support

ERP Training
User training is the most sensitive and significance aspect in ERP implementation. Our consultants are professional trainer and visiting faculty in the management institutes and have been involved in corporate training program for past >15 years and have formed a training division called eZeeTrain.

Training is a critical part of the ERP implementation process. It is a Critical Success Factor for the project The reseller is the ‘facilitator’ of the knowledge transference process

Resellers key responsibility is knowledge transference. If the customer accepts the ownership role, they will always be willing to train their staff.

After Sales Support Services:
We give utmost importance to the after sales support services and offer 24x7 online support services to our clients during the first couple of month-end closing. The implementation project ends after the official hand-over of each module. This is normally after first month-end. If problems are identified after first month-end, handover is extended until all problems are resolved Resolution shouldn’t exceed second month-end. Thereafter, customer should be billed for on-going support.

Cutoff of the project is a critical aspect and ensure 100% user’s satisfactions.

Academia, Education & Welfare Services
At the core of our philosophy is a commitment to empower you with knowledge, enabling your organization to become self-sufficient and less dependent on outside services or external control. This is partly achieved through the SYSPRO Academy's comprehensive training program.

Our services are not limited to generate revenue and we offer our services for the social, educational and upliftment of underprivileged students. The senior directors and consultants conduct seminars and counseling to bring awareness about the ERP. Most of our team members are Hon. visiting faculties on subjects such as ERP, ITIL and Project Management. The CEO is an author of the book “ERP-The Future of Business Automation”.

Some institutes appreciated our services and patronage

  • Bhavan’s College-Andheri , Mumbai (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan)
  • St. Francis Institute of Management & Research – Borivali, Mumbai
  • Dr. Gazi Management & Technical College – Boisar – Thane
  • Fr. Agnel’s Business School – New Mumbai

Today we are witnessing a rapid evolution in system capabilities - new architectural approaches, modern business methodologies and inclination to industry standard practices. Harnessed wisely, they promise revolutionary business advantages to the organization that adopts them and share them with their business associates. In this era of cutting edge technology, rapid expansion and change, business cannot efficiently be carried out in isolation, hence associations and strategic partnership is the universal mantra. One of our major strategic business partner is Nexxoft Infotel Ltd.
We have been successfully developing business associations with the industry leaders, brands, dealers, auditing firms and prominent financial and academic institutions.